Membership to NYC TNG
Membership to NYC TNG is free and open to persons 18 - 35.

Membership cards are good for one year from the date they are issued and can be obtained from a moderator by attending any official NYC TNG munch.
Partners 36+ Welcome
Partners, spouses, and family members of NYC TNG members 36 and over are welcome to attend any NYC TNG function provided they are accompanied by the member. The member, however, is responsible for the actions of their partner(s).
Renewing your Membership to NYC TNG
You may renew your membership to NYC TNG by attending any offical TNG munch and obtaining a new membership card from a moderator provided you are still under age 36.
Membership Benefits
Membership benefits include discounts at various NYC scene businesses, parties, organizations, and clubs. They include: Paddles, Purple Passion, The Leather Man, De Tails Toys, TES Meetings/Parties, DSF Meetings/Parties, Impact, Suspension, TES Fest, The Floating World, and more!
Membership Revocation
Any behavior at an event or meeting or in the online group, which is considered to violate community rules, the law, or results in complaints from other members, may result in an revocation of your membership.
NYC TNG Events
While we do our best to keep descriptions and dates up to date, we are not responsible for schedule changes and it is always a good idea to confirm with the organization that is hosting the event or class. For NYC TNG events, the latest up-to-date information can be found in our Fetlife group.
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